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Working part time for a major retail company is becoming a more popular career option due to the economy. However, most people are not aware of what the jobs offered by Walmart are like. You probably know working for Walmart means you will be working in retail, but do you know what the job duties are and which jobs Walmart offers?

It is always a good thing to educate yourself about your career prospects and what a job entails. You might be in need of a job that will support you and your family or simply want to work part time to supplement your income. Regardless of what your goals are, you need to know if a job will correspond to your needs. Here are the six types of jobs offered by Walmart.

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The greeter is usually the first person you notice when walking in a big box store.

Greeters are usually elderly citizens who wish to remain active. The greeter’s job consists in making people feel welcome to the store. Customer service is an important part of their job, but they have other duties such as watching out for potential shoplifters. They can even ask to check your receipt while you walk out of the store if they have a doubt.

Greeter positions are usually filled with senior citizens or disabled employees. Greeters are more important than they seem but this job might not be available to you if you are young and able-bodied.


Cashier is probably the first job that comes to mind when you think about working in retail. Every big box store has a large number of cashiers.

Working as a cashier is a good option if you enjoy providing customer service and are comfortable with numbers. Cashiers are responsible for helping customers check out and process payments. Cashiers are often the only person a customer will interact with and are responsible for making sure the customer has a positive experience.

Some large stores hire baggers as well as cashiers, but cashiers perform both functions in many locations. A bagger is responsible for placing items in a bag and for providing assistance to customers who cannot carry large items to their car.Walmart-jobs-application


You might not notice the stockers when shopping in a big box store. Stockers do their best not to get in the way of customers. Working as a stocker includes making sure that the shelves are full. Items are taken from the back room, transported to the shelves and stacked. As as a stocker, you will also have to inspect the aisles and count the items on the shelves to assess which ones need to be refilled.

A stocker’s primary duties do not include interacting with customers, but they occasionally have to provide customer service. Stockers are often the only employees in sight when a customer needs to ask where an item is.

Customer Service

Working in customer service means handling returns, baby registries, layaway or directories. Some customer service employees work in the electronics department, photo center or craft corner. This job requires you to be very comfortable when interact with customers. A customer service employee should be friendly, polite and always helpful.

Customer service positions are not made for anyone. You will usually need some previous experience in customer service and more importantly, you will need to display all the qualities that make a good customer service representative. The four jobs mentioned so far are all positions you have seen while shopping at Walmart. But what about the Walmart jobs & careers you do not see?


The administration is responsible for running the store. You might have seen managers or administrative personnel interacting with customers to handle complaints but most of the time, administration personnel works away from the customers. These jobs include reviewing store numbers and performances, hiring employees, creating schedules, managing the payroll, keeping track of inventory and ordering merchandise.

A manager’s primary duty is to make sure the employees do their job. Some managers are in charge of scheduling and managing the payroll even though a lot of stores have an accountant. In some locations, the manager has to report to administrative personnel from the corporate office, make changes to the store or plan promotional events.

Working as a manager or in another administrative position requires you to have some previous experience. This is a great career option if you have good leadership skills and know how to motivate others.

Merchandise Processors

This job title and the duties associated with it vary from one company to another. At Walmart, merchandise processors are responsible for unpacking new merchandise, sorting it and preparing it so that stockers can fill the shelves. In some locations, merchandise processors and stockers are the same employees.

Working as a merchandise processor can be physically demanding. You will have to lift heavy items and perform repetitive movements as you sort merchandise. This is a great option if you can work independently and would rather not provide customer service.

Miscellaneous Jobs

There are other positions available at Walmart besides these six jobs. Most of the other careers offered by Walmart include working at a store’s deli, providing beauty services, working at the pharmacy counter, fixing cars at the auto care center or providing customers with health care services at the vision center. You might actually have to apply for these jobs through a third party company since Walmart is not in charge of staffing all their centers.

Good luck with your job search! If you are considering Walmart as a potential employer, do more research on the different jobs they offer. You will be more likely to find a fulfilling job if you select a position that corresponds to your skills and interests.